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AVL Field Service

Troubleshoot / Repair / Upgrade

AVL Field Service

Troubleshoot / Repair / Install / Upgrade

With over 500 years of combined technical experience, we are a dedicated team of AVL professionals who help people just like you use the best technology to serve your mission

We understand that technical problems with AVL gear can be frustrating to diagnose and resolve. At CCI Solutions, we are experts in sound and visual technology. We have designed and implemented thousands of projects in church, corporate, government, and public facilities. With our world-class knowledge, we can optimize your room for the best live experience.

We can help with:

  • Sound system tuning or system analysis
  • Setting up streaming encoder
  • Wireless mics drop out
  • Lighting system blinks randomly
  • Training on new AVL equipment
  • And much more...

We have had great success helping customers work through issues over the phone and using virtual tools. In the field or remotely, CCI Solutions will resolve issues with your audio, video, lighting, and acoustic systems.

*Service subject to location

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